In her excellently researched book, The Perfect Fascist (2020) / Der perfekte Faschist (2024 / dt. von Michael Bischoff) the Italian-American author Victoria de Grazia tells the story of Italian fascism as an operetta, even though it doesn’t end well…

The author also succeeds in building bridges across the decades and carefully analysing the parallels to current trends throughout Europe.

“With lyrical precision, this book reveals how ideology corrupts the truth, how untrammelled ambition destroys the soul, and how the vanity of white male supremacy distorts emotion, making even love a matter of state.” Sonia Purnell

Victoria de Grazia is Moore Collegiate Professor of History at Columbia University and a founding editor at the Radical History Review. She published widely translated, prizewinning books, has received the Woodrow Wilson, Jean Monnet, and Guggenheim fellowships and the Rome Prize Fellowship from the American Academy in Rome.

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