Through an autobiographical reappraisal of choreographer Caroline Alves’ family history, the solo performance Transatlantica delves into the voids between Brazil and Europe, between past and present.

It is one among many family histories that are marked by settler colonialism in Brazil: histories based on the erasure of indigenous ancestors, carrying colonial continuities into the present. Following the traces of Senhorinha, the indigenous great-great-grandmother of whom only the colonial name remains, Caroline Alves explores the violent nexus of patriarchy and colonialism.

Transatlantica interweaves dance and storytelling, atmospherically oscillating between the elements of the stage set: the crystalline cold of a block of ice and the spreading, reflecting water that connects the continents. With tenderness and rage, Caroline Alves confronts her ancestral history and present, searching in the voids of the “official narrative” for the place from which to speak with her own words and movements that may break with the vast silence.

Dance Performance
  • Fri, June 24, 2022 | 8pmMain Stage

Caroline Alves

Direction & Choreography by Caroline Alves (Brazil) | Choreography Assistance by Mareike Jung (Germany) & Miro Wallner (Brazil/Austria) | Dramaturgy by Nora Tormann (Germany) | Music by Marina Sarno (Brazil) | Lighting Design by Raquel Rosildete (Brazil) | Costume Design by Andreina Vieira (Brazil) | Set Design by Daniela Bevervanso (Brazil) | Acting Coach: Marcela Dias (Brazil) | Texts by Caroline Alves | Text Coach: Marie Yan (France) | Video Artist: Tito Casal (Brazil) | Translation & Subtitles by Panthea | Production: MIFRUSH Production – Micaela Trigo (Brazil) & Urszula Heuwinkel (Poland) | Video Documentation by Tuca Paoli (Brazil/Italy) | Photo by Sebastian Runge (Germany)

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media