Teresa Bergman is not your average girly with a guitar.

With a powerful and versatile voice akin to that of Adele or Zaz, funky guitar grooves reminiscent of Ani di Franco and Wallis Bird, and a level of musical sophistication likened to Sophie Hunger and Fiona Apple – this is a front frau to watch out for! Live on stage, and on her new album “Bird of a Feather” the singer-songwriter from New Zealand has created an eclectic stylistic fusion of acoustic-folk, funk and jazz.

Bergman’s sound incorporates a twist of nearly everything – drawing inspiration from the world of blues, scat-improvisation, swing, chanson, cabaret and good quality pop. Warm acoustic guitar tones support an incredibly astute vocal approach. From soaring heights to soul dripping depths, the dynamism of Bergman’s music and live performances is infectious.

Bergman will be accompanied by her trusty Trio, with funk-fusion bassist Frank Schulze and percussive Picasso Alex Skoczowky on the drums.

  • Sun, July 19, 2015 | 8pmMain Stage

Tickets 8 €