Only a suitcase remains of our salesman.

This postmodern composition celebrating the sound of everyday objects is inspired by Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and picks up where the play left off: after the suicidal car crash and subsequent funeral, everyone is still out to make money.

This version of purgatory is all about selling, as death has now also become part of the vicious economic cycle. It is now a marketplace where the human being has been transformed into a commodity with their stories, relationships and memories all just waiting to be bought and sold.

Following two sold-out performances in February, we are very pleased to offer two additional performances of this new production and interpretation of the composition Sales of a Deadman by Evan Gardner.

Originally performed in 2014, this new staging features a whole new cast and artistic team, reexamining the role of work-life balance in a post-pandemic, post-patriarchial leaning society, in which capitalism and its place in the marketplace of life is turned on its head and questioned vigorously.

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More Information

Music Theater
  • Thurs, June 29, 2023 | 8pmMain Stage
  • with 1 additional performance until Jul 1st

Tickets 16€ (10€ reduced)

Composed by Evan Gardner | Directed by Daniel Brunet | Musical Direction by Inés González | Stage and Costume Design by Hannah Beeck | Lighting Design and Video by Christian Maith | Video Art by Samuel Chalela Puccini | Sound Design by Tadklimp | Live Electronics by Giovanni Zaniol | Makeup by Oliver Kunde | Communication and Production by Kirsten Voss Petersen | Key Visual by Ksenia Yanko | Assistant Direction by Maureen Gleason

Soprano: Gina May Walter | Tenor Saxophone: Inés González | Paetzold Recorder: Marita Gehrer | Cello: Guilherme Rodrigues

A co-production of Opera Lab Berlin and English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center