A symphony of fight by EX-teater

Live music, storytelling and body percussion interweave to create a sound-based performance to be watched through the ears. It is inspired by Daniel Veronese’s dramatic poem Ringside, in which women brutally fight for the privilege of having a very unique prize. In the story, this year’s trophy is a bridegroom, the offspring of the union between a female sailor and a shark. From one round to another, the fight gets louder and fiercer, but the prize seems well worth the suffering.

Witnesses carefully follow the fight, blinded by the whiteness of the ring. They beg their children not the look at it, but the children can still listen. They listen to cruelty, they listen to stories.

  • Mon, April 3, 2017 | 8:30pmMain Stage

Directed by Hrstina Vasic Tomše (Serbia) | Translation, Libretto, Performance and Body Percussion by Natália da Silva Perez (Brazil) | Composition, Piano, Accordion and Percussion Performance by Slobodan Ivanovic (Montenegro) | Clarinet, Piano Performance and Body Percussion by Theresa Seits (Germany) | Double Bass Performance by Thierno Diallo (Slovenia)

A co-production between EX-teater and Gledališče Glej