A meditation on freedom, loss and grief

The artistic duo BirdMoon – Stephen Mooney and Dorothy Bird – invite artists Aude Gouaux Langlois, Nadine Milzner, Natasha Jaffe and Michael Haeflinger to join an artistic interdisciplinary and interactive “conversation” by means of music, dance, poetry, visuals and soundscape.

The performance piece Out of the Dark explores the desire to escape from darkness, both physical and mental, and its propensity to linger and echo into the light as repetition or distortion of memory. Within these loose parameters, the artists work to create clarity out of chaos, harmony out of passion and create light within the dark.

  • Thurs, April 6, 2017 | 8:30pmMain Stage

Stage Design, Visual, Spoken Word, Guitar by Stephen Mooney (UK) | Compositions, Songwriting, Vocals, Keyboard by Dorothy Bird (Germany) | Cello by Natasha Jaffe
(USA) | Dance by Nadine Milzner (Germany) | Live Sampling and Soundscape by Aude Gouaux Langlois (France) | Poetry and Prerecorded Spoken Word by Michael Haeflinger (USA)