This is a mockumentary performance and a film. A diary and a fable.

Yael is an artist who has immigrated to Berlin. She’s broke, tired of babysitting, and afraid her big dreams won’t be fulfilled. She gets an opportunity for a week’s residency, but the night before it starts a sinister character appears in her nightmare, planting a seed of self-doubt that gets bigger and bigger, making her residency a living hell while she is losing grip on reality.

No Home encapsulates the perpetual sense of liminality experienced by an immigrant in a foreign land. With unwavering hope, she strives to create her haven within the enigmatic backdrop of Berlin. Her daily existence is a relentless battle against the challenges of communication, financial constraints, bureaucracy, and waning motivation.

In this piece, elements of humor, horror and homesickness have been blended to depict a new reality of an immigrant, grappling with the pursuit of her dreams.

In English, German and Hebrew

  • Mon, February 26, 2024 | 9pmStudio

Yael Esther Mor

Directed, Written and Performed by Yael Mor (Israel) | Performed by Daniella Mor (Israel) and Katharina Ruhm (Germany) | Original Music by
Guy Cohavi (Israel)

World Premiere