For the last three years, Berlin has seen an explosion in English-language comedy. With regular open mics and showcases and springing up all over town in various bars, cafés and art spaces, dozens of Berlin-based comedians from around the world (including Germany!) are finding their voices and sharing their lives in hilarious detail.

Featuring Stefan Danziger (DE), David Deery (USA), Caroline Clifford (UK) and headliner Will Franken (San Francisco)

Hosted and curated by Paul Salamone (USA) with musical co-host Stephen Paul Taylor (Canada)

“What elevates Mr. Franken above your garden-variety comedian is an erudite wit and a highly developed sense of the absurd”
— The New York Times
“Franken wanders through a parallel-universe city populated by hipsters who challenge John Milton to poetry slams and crass marketers of women’s empowerment symposia, among other fun-house imaginings. ”
— The Onion
  • Mon, May 12, 2014 | 8pmMain Stage

Headliner Will Franken (San Francisco)

Will Franken’s strange life story is the kind that standup comedians dream of having and independent filmmakers dream of concocting–if only for the wealth of bizarre and darkly funny material there is to draw upon. Born and raised in Sedalia, Missouri, Will Franken worked as an actor, middle-school and college-level English teacher, typist, convenience store clerk, and corporate mascot for an online library before heading to California in 2002 to try his hand at comedy. Seven years later, he is celebrated as one of the most innovative performers to come out of the Bay Area in recent years.