An experimental theater piece about a woman’s escape to “Firewater” – a soap opera with an uninvited guest

Jane drinks.

In certain religions and spiritual beliefs, when one consumes alcohol their body becomes vulnerable; an open receptacle for bad spirits. This weakened state leaves the body defenseless to becoming demonically possessed. Jane, the newcomer to “Firewater”, is one of the unlucky ones that happens to fall victim.

A compilation of confessions and delusions, Firewater is a twisted nightmare of insatiable desires.

  • Fri, April 27, 2018 | 7pmMain Stage

Tape Version

Creator, Director: Michelle Myers (Australia) | Co-Writer, Sound Designer: Andrew Stark (Scotland) | Dramaturg: Jahman Davine (Australia) | Performance: Michelle Myers, Katie-Rose Spence (Australia), Sam Alan (Scotland) and Alexander Windner Lieberman (USA)