Puppet theater for adults by Merlin Puppet Theatre

One building, five apartments, six characters. The audience watches them live their conventional lives in a dark, claustrophobic setting, with their fears, obsessions and loneliness.

Merlin Puppet Theatre dramatizes and demonizes their obsessions until they finally punish and liberate them in the most violent manner. They do not attempt to do existential analysis through their work. Instead, they examine modern way of living in its current form. The loneliness of modern humanity is displayed through the dark rooms of Clowns’ Houses; prison-like houses, people trapped in their routines and habits, far from their dreams.

Puppet Theater
  • Sat, April 8, 2017 | 8:30pmMain Stage

Directed by Dimitris Stamou (Greece) | Puppet and Costume Design by Dimitris Stamou, Demy Papada (Greece) | Puppetry by Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou | Stage Design by Merlin Puppet Theatre | Composed by Achilles Charmpilas (Greece) | Lighting Design by Merlin Puppet Theatre | Narration by Chris Androvitsaneas (Greece)