10-Minute Play Competition 2011 on the theme UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA

10mp2011_websiteWhat will life be like for children being born today? Will they see Prenzlauer Berg become a gated community? Will Mandela’s legacy cause South Africa to be the new model for civilization?

Will genetically modified tomatoes officially become animals and start appearing in zoos? Will our technological fetishes ever actually save us more time than they cost us?

The winners were:

Indecent Exposure by Tamsin K. Walker

Poor by Nicole Paschal

Three Grams of Spacebox by Oliver Ralli

Nice Woolly Cardigans by Mark Daver

The Connection by Joshua Crone

  • Sat, March 12, 2011 | 8pmMain Stage

with 8 additional performances until March 21, 2011

with Ciara Goss, Lee Stripe, Jeffrey Mittleman, Priscilla Be, Alexander Thomas.

Directed by Randee Trabitz

The 2011 competition was curated by Jon Edward Jordan

Jury members were Danielle Janess, Fingal Pollock, Patrick Wildermann and Jon Edward Jordan.