We will kill you with a fucking piece of performance art

We are arming ourselves – internally and externally. Theater is our boot camp.

Packing explosives, puppets and projections, we set off down the path of the female warrior.

We envisage performance as a continuation of politics with adapted techniques and we are recruiting all female fighters who have gotten lost along the way: the time to rise up is now! Join the Army of Lovefuckers!

Lovefuckers are on a journey toward an effective yet bloodless technique for revolution that ties games, fantasy, reality and utopia together. The stage is a guerilla boot camp with futuristic elements where a female recruit is trained to join the Army of Lovefuckers by learning the pluralistic battle of becoming a societally aware performer. She demonstrates her fitness level, chooses role models, builds resilience and, over the course of specialized training, becomes intimately acquainted with her weapon: puppet theater. She discovers her personal puppet and enters into symbiosis with her. Unified as one, the puppet and the puppeteer voice their demands and follow the paths of their role models, such as the feministic cyborg theorist Donna Haraway or the Mexican freedom fighter Subcomandante Marcos, into a playful battle against repression.

Everyone in the audience is invited to join, provided they meet at least one of the recruitment criteria on the application form, which will be distributed before the performance.

A multimedia political show in between theater, dance, performance and puppet theater with ambivalence consciously factored in. The performance elaborates on warfare, the transformation of recruits into heartless killing machines, rebellion against social oppression and the presence of violence in the media. It is a piece that opposes the brutality of the world, thus combatting the paralyzing fears caused by ongoing and unending wars, the predominance of neoliberalism and global terrorism with irony and playfulness.

Or, to sum things up, it is a solo performance tackling serious themes using humorous means.

  • Fri, January 21, 2022 | 8pmMain Stage
  • with 2 additional performances until Mar 5th

English-language premiere

Concept, Performance and Puppets by Annemie Twardawa | Directed by Ivana Sajevic and Anna Menzel | Dramaturgy by Jan Deck | Stage Design and Puppets by Jana Barthel | Music by Stephanie Krah | Video Art by Kube Jams and Suna Blum | Technical Direction by Sebastin König | Assistant Direction by Sarah Kurze | Stage Technology Operation by Jonathan Winkler

Duration: 55 minutes

Original German-language production by Lovefuckers in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. English version sponsored by Fonds Doppelpass of The German Federal Cultural Foundation in coproduction with ETB | IPAC.