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A performance co-created by humans and trees of all different ages, experiences and backgrounds

Together, we are celebrating interconnectedness through interspecies storytelling that crosses time and space.

In February of 2020, English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center began a community theater project open to people of all ages. Our initial question was simple: if trees could talk, what would they say? This led us on a journey of collaboration, experimentation and contemplation. Together we walked in Tegel forest, shared memories of trees, delved into mythology and the news, discussed evolution with a scientist and observed the trees in Kreuzberg.

A unique and exciting performance has grown from the seeds of play and curiosity: YOU-ME-HUMAN-TREE was devised by an intergenerational ensemble of over 20 people and contains elements of physical theater, music, storytelling, puppetry, dance, burlesque, poetry and performance art.

The project team is deeply grateful to their project partners exploratorium berlin and die gelbe Villa for their input and support and would like to give special thanks to Professor Kurt Zoglauer of Humboldt University for kindly giving us his time.

Order our Zine online!

The entire team has spent a lot of time making a beautiful 32-page Zine full of pictures, insight into the creation of the performance and background information. Take a look for yourself by clicking right HERE!

Physical copies of the Zine can be ordered exclusively online for the price of 6 EUR and will be given to you at the performance. If you would like to order one, simply send an email to with the subject Zine. We’ll confirm the purchase and make sure that your Zine is waiting for you when you come to see he show.

The project is funded by Jugend- und Familienstiftung des Landes Berlin and Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung.








The 2018 summer show by Berlin International Youth Theatre (BIYT)

Tribalism divides communities – Elucidate – you have 45 minutes

With these words begins the lively myth of the Whooziwhatzits.

Given the assignment (by an absent teacher) to explain the statement the students begin to weave a tale that is both as familiar as it is absurd. And tragically true (well at least based on a true story).

An alternate version of history. A parable about the eternal battle of inheritance between two brothers and the fate of two tribes.

The classic tale. Since the beginning of time.

We begin our story in an average Berlin classroom. Which is divided by music allegiances as is usually the case. Although music should unite us, for them it’s a sign of their tribe, separating the cool from the silly.

And suddenly there is a Jinn, a slippery figure from the shadows, If it wasn’t for her, everyone would be living happily ever after. But as human nature has its light and dark side so does the Jinn. Mainly dark, though. And the darkness feeds the lies.

A cast of eleven talented young people bring this tale to life using physicality, body percussion and song.

Till Someone Sneezes (Berlin International Youth Theatre)

BIYT – the Berlin International Youth Theatre – takes a look at community and catastrophe.

The Skin of Our Teeth was written by Thornton Wilder in 1942, a time of strife for many people in the world, and was meant to be a tribute to human endurance. The center of the original play is an archetypical family facing one apocalyptic catastrophe after another.

Using this play as an inspiration, BIYT has created a dark comedy full of Simpsons-like symbolism and churned out another one of their signature epics.

Although warned in the daily news of the approaching disasters, this conventional family is so caught up in their own personal conflicts that their chances of survival don’t look very good. How will the family survive when everyone is so preoccupied with pizza? Does PlayStation really help in times of panic? Why do the actors keep on interrupting the show? And what in the world have they got against guinea pigs?

Come and find out!

Originally written and performed by BIYT in 2012, we revisit this comedy favorite with an exciting new design, new plot twists and performed by an all-new cast of talented youth ages 11-17 from 10 different countries.
BIYT has been part of English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center since 2009 and is made up of young people from many different countries, cultures, religions and schools. The goal is to to create a social exchange between different cultures, promote integration and to make high quality theater using the global language of English.