Beyond the Light is a video performance that seeks to investigate the toxicity of censorship in the body and in everyday life.

Over the course of previous work- and practice-based research with a motion sensor light, Hyoung-Min Kim and Gabriel Galindez Cruz explored the impact that both state-induced censorship as well as forms of self-censorship have had on their lives and their bodies.

In light of the current dramatic pandemic situation, Beyond the Light is a new work created especially for the 2020 Expo Festival. It will be presented by another form of performance using voice, visual material and sounds.

Does censorship contaminate us like noxious chemicals, imperceptible to the eye but slowly spreading the poison of self-optimization and suppression into our minds, bodies, and behaviors?

Beyond the Light has no definitive ending in the classical sense. Rather, it employs an ongoing, ever-mutating practice that engages with the subtle techniques of censorship in order to locate it, quarantine it, override it and perhaps, to find creative and generative ways to transform it into everyday survival strategies.