IMPRO is coming of age. For the last 18 years, we have organized what is now the biggest European festival for improvised theater and the international impro community is alive and kicking like never before! 20 artists from 11 countries and 9 Gorillas will present themselves in varying combinations to Berlin’s audiences over the course of 14 festival performances at English Theatre Berlin | IPAC, Mehringhoftheater and Ratibor Theater.

Come and see: they are fighting for power, it is a matter of life and death. Whenever you vie for love, you harvest jealousy and sow discord, making the cycle complete. A Shakespearean wrestling match for crowns and thrones, that’s what we call it: like a Game of Thrones. And this, yes, even this, will only come about in the moment – before your very eyes, off the cuff even, created by the words of your mouth. Only those who come and see will be able to grasp it. All you others will remain in the dark and fret, for you will miss out on this unique show.

Tuesday, March 17: Throne, episode 1

Wednesday, March 18: Throne, episode 2

Thursday, March 19: Throne, episode 3

Friday, March 20: Throne, episode 4

Saturday, March 21: Throne, episode 5