I Am Not On The Blacklist is a dance performance that seeks to investigate the toxicity of censorship in the body and in everyday life. Through practice-based research with a motion-sensor light, Hyoung-Min Kim and Gabriel Galindez Cruz explore the impact that both state-induced censorship as well as forms of self-censorship have had on their lives and their bodies.

Through their respective personal experiences growing up in South Korea and Colombia, the two performers recall on stage the material consequences that the supposedly invisible politics of censorship can have on those who find themselves on the “wrong” side of the hegemonic divide. Hyoung-Min’s habit of self-censorship formed from nnnnnnn experiences in nnnnn of not being nnnnn to nnnnnnn her nnnnnnnn nnnn. nnnnnnn, that still persist years later and in the nnnnnnn of speaking nnnnnnnnnnnnn, show the deep and long-lasting impact that censorship can have on the body and psyche.

Gabriel interacts with the toxicity of censorship from an alternate angle, constructing a solo that is embedded in the power of free, unbridled speech. His attempt, doomed to fail
in light of the ever-growing number, is to name every environmental Colombian activist who has been killed in recent years due to their revolutionary work. In this context, censorship has a lethal connotation, the act of killing as a way of censoring the body permanently.

Dance Performance
  • Wed, September 30 | 9pm

Tickets 15 € (9 € students)

Concept, Choreography and Dance Performance by Hyoung-Min Kim (South Korea) | Dance Performance and Co-Creation by Gabriel Galindez Cruz (Colombia) | Dramaturgy by Lisa Skwirblies (Germany) | Music by Mattef Kuhlmey (Germany) | Lighting Design by Benjamin Schälike (Germany) | Assistant Lighting Design by Hanna Kritten Tangsoo (Estonia) | Costume Design by Aurel Lenfert (Germany) | Production Management by Jutta Polic (Germany) | Photo by Alexandra Kinter (Hungary)

A production by Hyoung-Min Kim in coproduction with Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe