Thanks to a generous grant from Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin, we are hard at work on two productions to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the venue Freunde der Italienischen Oper which, following a venue change and a whole bunch of name changes, is the institution you know and love as English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center.

Tagesspiegel was kind enough to chat with Daniel Brunet and Günther Grosser about thirty years in the life of an institution – there’s a lovely article in German available right HERE.

On July 1, come hell, high water or a fourth wave, we’ll premiere Islands, a performance being created in collaboration with Post Theater, whom we worked with in 2019 on Stuck in Orbit.

This time, Daniel Brunet and Max Schumacher have teamed up to offer this journey away from journeys featuring the performers Rafuska Marks (of ABA NAIA), Valerie Renay (who many of you remember from LeinzLieberman’s Schnitzler adaptation Fuck Me I Love You) and Alexander Schröder, a frequent collaborator of Post Theater.

The production is being created for a hybrid physical and digital audience and can be offered completely digitally depending on the course of the pandemic. Additional performances on July 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10.

A little later in the summer, get ready for Cool Aid, a cover version of the greatest comedy ever, the one where two ladies kill old men because there´s nothing sadder in the world than lonely old men. You know the one. Well, they don´t kill old men in the new version; they poison people who lead a much much sadder life – unsuccesful artists. Written and directed by Günther Grosser. With Priscilla Bergey, Josephine Larsen, Mary Kelly, Ben Maddox, a. o. The premiere will be on August 12 with additional performances through August 21.

We’re looking forward to sharing new work with you!