Open Auditions | Offenes Casting

Saturday, January 16, Recall on Sunday, January 17

The Most Unsatisified Town by | von Amy Evans, directed by | Regie Daniel Brunet

We are introduced to Laurence, a former refugee from Guinea now married with children and running his own business. In a small number of scenes, most of which take place in his internet shop, we meet Laurence’s white German wife Manuela, his non-citizen friends Julius, Yusef and Rahim, the white German police officer Brunmeier, the widow Eva and her Afro-German son, Ronny. Throughout their interactions, we learn of life in a former East German city from a myriad of perspectives – stories of privilege and marginalization are made tangible. The tensions simmering below the surface are brought to the fore by the sudden, violent death of Rahim while in police custody. This incident catapults Laurence out of his “optimistic” view of his new home town and forces him unwittingly to the front of a civil rights movement – he did not want to be a hero. He just wanted to know what happened to “our brother”. If only this were a work of fiction. The real life Rahim – Oury Jalloh – died in mysterious circumstances on January 7, 2005. Almost ten years later, we still do not know exactly how he died or who was responsible for his death. The community continues to fight for justice to be served – resistance comes in many forms.

Working Language: English | Arbeitssprache: Englisch

Rehearsals: February – April 6 (Monday to Friday, 12pm to 6pm) | Premiere: April 7 | 12 performances: April 7 – April 23

Proben: Februar bis 6. April (Montag bis Freitag, 12 bis 18 Uhr) | Premiere: 7. April | 12 Vorstellungen: 7. April bis 23. April

Breakdown | Rollenbeschreibungen

LAURENCE, a Guinean man in his mid-thirties

RAHIM, a Guinean man in his mid to late twenties

YUSEF, a Cameroonian man in his early forties

JULIUS, a Cameroonian man in his early to mid-thirties

MANUELA, a white German woman in her late twenties

EVA, a Mozambican woman in her early thirties

BRUNMEIER, a white German police officer in his late thirties

Auditions will be held at English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center – Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin (U6 Platz der Luftbrücke).

For an appointment, please send a headshot and resume to by January 12, 2016

Reading copies of the play are available upon request.