How To Survive a Relationship / Wie man eine Beziehung überlebt

In the beginning, a new relationship seems like the Promised Land. Later, the only thing you can ask yourself is how you are going to survive the relationship. Love was promised, along with a better, more beautiful world. Instead, you get guilt, misunderstandings and your sex life comes to a standstill.

Shlomo Lieberman and Ulrich Leinz attempt to sidestep of all this in their performance by telling stories and developing relationship rituals. The stories are about their grandmothers. One learned how to use water sparingly in Auschwitz; the other wrote melancholy letters to her husband sent off to war.  Long-buried desires arise from the relationship rituals – somewhere in between dreams and nightmares. And then a fuzzy little bunny pops up. This is how the performers tell the story of their world – a world we all live in, somehow.

Supported by the Israeli Embassy in Berlin

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Tickets 14 € (8 € students)

Created and performed by Shlomo Lieberman and Ulrich Leinz