Are you going to party this weekend?

Preparations have already begun. What are your wishes for this? What are your desires? How dark are they? How destructive can you be? This is not a threat. All the same, she will appear. Soon. She might tell us about the time we called the future. She will tell us about our loss. She will come to us from the next world. We have still time to prepare. Still.

This performance by Shlomo Lieberman, Markus Wente and Ulrich Leinz is inspired by messianic ideas of the Polish-Jewish 18th century and tries to understand how our dreams are connected to this history.

Followed by a post-performance discussion

LeinzLieberman are the performance makers Shlomo Lieberman (Israel/Germany) and Ulrich Leinz (Germany). Over the last three years, their work has been included in three consecutive Expat Expo | Immigration Invasion festivals and we premiered their groundbreaking The Other/Promised Land in the fall of 2016. We are very excited to host them – collaborating with colleagues – as our fall artists in residence, presenting three different works in September, October and November.

Lovers1 will be performed on September 29 and The Other/Promised Land will be performed on October 13.


Tickets 8€

Created and performed by Shlomo Lieberman, Markus Wente and Ulrich Leinz